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Landscape Lighting Design, Installation and Service

Light up the exterior to highlight the beauty of your home or commercial location and landscape. Lighting also provides safety and security through lit pathways and entryways. Landscape lighting is a wonderful enhancement to your property that you, your family and community will enjoy for years to come!



  • SECURITY LIGHTING: It is well known that a well-lit property is less liable to be invaded or burglarized. Less known is that the placement, coverage, and quality of the illumination greatly determine the level of security.

  • SAFETY LIGHTING: While safety is related to security, it is not the same. Safety refers to providing illumination that offers safe passage through the property. It especially targets steps, pools, water features, and tripping hazards.

  • AESTHETHIC LIGHTING: This encompasses a wide range of human factors and is the most subjective of the goals. The term, 'ambiance', is often used but this word reflects only some parts of the complex visual aesthetic. In every case, a lighting project is judged to be¬†aesthetically beautiful by both obvious beauty and by the wide range of emotions and feelings that arise from the visual experience.

The Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape lighting can provide you the sense of well being with added safety and security at night, especially when returning at night. It also provides the soothing ambiance to make coming back to your property at night, after a hard days work, a joy that helps "melt away" some of the stress of daily life and work.


  • SAFETY: Properly designed accent landscape lighting will provide illumination of key pedestrian path ways, walks at night so that there less danger of tripping or falling.
  • SECURITY: Landscape lighting will provide illumination of surrounding landscape so as to make it harder for intruders to hide and act a deterrent to would be thieves.

  • ADDS VALUE: Professionally designed, installed and maintained landscape lighting adds value through "curb-appeal", ambiance, and uniqueness of the landscape that sets it apart from other neighboring houses.

Landscape Lighting Design is an art that is both practical and aesthetically enjoyable. The masters of this art satisfy numerous goals simultaneously. The results greatly enhance the experience of property owners and serve many of their functional needs. Every property needs some sort of illumination and owners would be best served by hiring a professional to design and install their landscape lighting.